Who is Louis?

After having met each other during their bachelor photography at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, Milan Rijnders (1992) and Luc Wittebol (1994) decided to work together on creating video productions. By combining their technical knowledge on video with a photographic eye, they produce videos that bring something new to the audience. Driven by the enthusiasm to make new content for all types of clients. Ranging from art videos, to documentaries, to interviews, to commercials. While all having attention for compositional detail and storytelling.

Louis represents a photographic approach to filmmaking. Since film is first and foremost a sequence of photographs. Which the Lumière brothers developed into a revolutionary new medium. Inspired by Louis and Auguste Lumière, carried out by Milan and Luc.

Meet the team

Milan Rijnders


Luc Wittebol


Photos by Nina ten Kate

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