What does Louis do?

We focus ourselves on two sectors mainly. Firstly, the cultural sector. Meaning we specialise in (live) music, theatre, festivals  and other event related projects. We are always open to talk about new forms and challenges.

Secondly, we are experienced in making content for companies. Whether it's interviews, testimonials or other promotional videos, don't hesitate to contact us about your future ideas.

Lastly, we both started out with photography, so any events that need registration in the photographical sense, can be combined with video.


±5 minute registration / incl. editing and grading (e.g. live music video)


±15 - 30 minute registration / incl. sound recording, editing and grading (e.g. theatre show)


After movie for events incl. editing and grading (±4h day of shooting)


Promotional video for companies (±4h day of shooting, incl. additional lighting, incl. editing and grading)

1. starting from: €500,00*

excl. btw

2. starting from: €800,00*

excl. btw

3. starting from: €800,00*

excl. btw

4. starting from: €1000,00* 

excl. btw

*these are only price indications, since all projects are unique and need to be assessed and priced accordingly.

You can find our Terms and Conditions over here

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